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We provide ball valves, butterfly valves, ceramic disc valves, clapper valves, choke valves, diaphragm valves, gate valves, globe valves, knife valves, needle valves, pinch valves, piston valves, plug valves, poppet valves, spool valves, themal valves, preassure valves, sampling valves and safety valves.

We provide positive displacement pumps, rotary positive displacement pumps, reciprocation positive pumps, gear pumps, screw pumps, roots-types pumps, perastic pumps, triplex style pumps, compressed air, repe pumps, and impulse pumps.

We provide Ball Bearings, Roller Bearings, Thrust Ball Bearings, Thrust Roller Bearings, Tapered Roller Bearings, Magnetic Bearings, Extra Large Roller Bearings, Linear Bearings, Anti-Friction Bearings, Mounted Bearings, Rotary Bearings, Telescopic Bearings, Linear Ball Bearings, Flanged Roller Bearings, Metric Ball Bearings, Anti-Friction Roller Bearings, Special Roller Bearings, Radial Roller Bearings and Reciprocating Roller Bearings

We provide o-rings of different types made of different materials for all types of purposes.
Gaskets & Seals

We provide sheet gaskets, solid material gaskets, spiral wound gaskets, constant seating gaskets, double jacketed gaskets and more.
Gland packing

Mamoya offers a selected range of gland packing that have been specifically designed and manufactured to reduce plant operational maintenance costs.
Bolts & Nuts

We offer nuts and bolts in different sizes and strength for all industrial purposes.

Mamoya offers Industrial Couplings products include soft start fluid couplings, large gear couplings, elastomeric couplings and mill spindles

We provide oil filters for heavy duty industrial use, all our filters are supplied brand new.

We offer belts in different meters for all industrial purposes.

We provide different types of tools, grinders, drills, screw drivers, pivot head wrenches, hammers etc.
Concentric Reducer

We have concentric reducers to help in the reducing or extending of any pipe size.