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We provide ballasts globes for mining and construction purposes in all sizes types and quantity. We also provide incadescent, flourescent, Halogen, Low- Preassure sodium, LED's and high intensity discharge lamps.

We provide brass crimp, brass compression, steel, stainless stell, and plastic fittings for pipe fittings, flare fittings, and flareless fittings.

We provide industrial power and ul fuses in different classes which include Class L, Class RK5, Class RK1, Class J, Class CC, Class T, Midget 10x38mm, Class G, Class K5 and Class H fuses.

We provide fibre optics cables, ethernet crossover cables, ethernet twisted cables and different types of cables for mining, industrial and construction uses.

We provide all kinds of motors whoch include, general purpose motors, harsh environment motors, vector control motors. We provide motors in different types and sizes.

We provide connectors for different purposes, we have connectors to handle any types of voltage rangind from 50V DC to 500HZ.

Mamoya also provides all types of switches.
Circuit Breakers

We provide GuardEon, Record Plus, Spectra RMS Electronic Trip, Thermal Magnetic, Mag-Break Motor Circuit Protector, Ligthting Panel Circuit Breakers.
Overloads & Relays

We provide the following overlays, Industry Mall (Online Catalog), Configurators, SIRIUS 3RU2 Thermal Overload Relays, SIRIUS 3RU1 Thermal Overload Relays, SIRIUS 3RB3 Solid-State Overload Relays, SIRIUS 3RB2 Solid-State Overload Relays
Multimeters & Leads

We provide digital and analogue multimeters for industrial, mining and construction purposes.